Country Splash! Swimming Lessons, Aqua Fit & First Aid Training For Rural Ontario!Ontario is a province of more than 13 million people, many of whom take advantage of services available in larger communities and cities.

But what about the more than 2 million Ontarians who live in small communities and rural areas?

After more than 10 years teaching swimming lessons, AquaFit classes and First Aid programs, Tammy Lamont realized that many rural Ontarians lose out on valuable training and fitness programs simply because they do not live in a city!

Country Splash is committed to providing swimming lessons, AquaFit classes and First Aid training to Ontarians living in rural settings!

Based in Teeswater, Ontario, Country Splash instructors travel to your location or to one of our conveniently located training facilities in Southwestern Ontario to provide you with the most comprehensive, national standards-based training and fitness programs possible!

Born and raised in rural Ontario, Tammy Lamont has taught swimming lessons, lifeguarding courses and first aid courses for more than 10 years!

Nationally certified in all aspects of the programs Country Splash provides, Tammy looks forward to providing you with the training you need and effective fitness programs to create the safe, healthy lifestyle that enhances your rural Ontario life!


For more information on the programs Tammy and Country Splash can provide please send us the form below:

    Country Splash proudly resides in Bruce County, Ontario - The Heart of The Country!